Goodbye Holland…

My trip has started!! After a 5 month countdown the day of my adventure has finally come. Started might not be the best description as I’m still sitting in an airplane stationed at schiphol, but it shouldn’t be long before we take off to Dubai. I’ll have three hours in Dubai to find my next flight and with another six hours I will be in Bangkok.

How did I prepare for such a trip? A lot of reading in on other backpackers’ stories and lonely planets. I made a lot of to do lists that finally combined into one big board on which I could cross off items. And I got a lot of tips from colleagues and friends who have done similar trips.

Two days ago I had a first go in packing my backpack and it was very unexpected that everything I wanted to take with me actually fitted (I usually always overpack). I even have lots of space left for some en-route shopping.

I want to finish this first ever blogpost by thanking especially my family for coming with me to schiphol. And everyone sending me texts as well.. this trip is just what I wanted but I can’t say it is not scary to do it on my own!

Next blogpost after arriving in Bangkok and some first experiences!

My family-selfie while going to schiphol
Crossing off the last items on my to do list
How do I look?
My daypack and contents (taking onboard of flight as well)
My big backpack (65 liters and 8,8 kg)

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