…hello Thailand 

As I’m currently in a cab to Bangkok airport I figured this is the perfect moment to write something about the past couple of days. I’ve had so many new impressions already, so let’s just start at the beginning.

After 16 hours of traveling I arrived at Bangkok airport Suvarnabhumi. As a dutchie you can enter without visa and you get a stamp in your passport that is valid for thirty days. I did not plan the next step but I was able to find a minivan that would bring me close to the area of my hostel. From there I would just walk the last bit. With the backpack, map in my hand and blond hair it was pretty clear that I was a tourist looking for the route so a lot of tuk tuks were offered.
Only once before I have slept in a hostel when Britt, Chloë, Jaytu and I went for a fun weekend to Paris. And then we had our own private room. In my head I had been imaging the worst case scenarios (snoring roommates, not clean, bed bugs), but the hostel was perfect. Here Hostel has kind staff, clean rooms, cats, enough locker space and I have met a lot of fellow travelers.

How awesome is this, Here Hostel has a slide from the first floor to the reception!!

As I had little to no sleep on the plane I was taking it rather slow on the first day. I only went to see Khao San Road. This is the backpacker hotspot of Thailand. Just imagine a very very busy street with lots of lights, advertisements, salespersons masseuses, insects on sticks (yep), other food, cafes, tuk tuks and people.

Khao San Road, during the night time even busier.

The next day I had a good night of sleep (granted I was kind of exhausted the night before) I went to see some things on my own. I visited the grand palace and surrounding temples (amazing), the pictures I post here don’t even do it justice. There were a lot of Thai people (thousands) dressed in black and standing in line to visit the palace to pay respect to the late king.

The grand palace
Temples near the grand palace

In the afternoon I went for an organized bike tour around the city (with Co van Kessel company).  It was fun and we passed a lot of small alleys, china town, a ferry crossing and several temples.

Then I walked back towards the hostel and stumbled upon this restaurant with quite a line outside. Eager wanting to know what it was I checked trip advisor and apperently it was one of the best padthai restaurants in Bangkok. I had padthai and a coconut slush drink and it was only 3 euros. Very tasty and good.

That night I met with an Italian girl, Rebecca, I met in Khao San Road the night before to go to a rooftop bar, cloud 47, by tuk tuk. Traffic is almost as crazy as it was in India. A red light is not always a red light, zebra crossing are not a cross safe zone and when you think it won’t fit, it fits.

Rooftop bar view, while enjoying my mojito.

Back in the hostel I noticed that my stomach was acting up and I became ill unfortunately (the delicious padthai? The coconut slush? Jet lag? Tap water tooth brushing?). That night and the second day were not much to talk about.

The third day (January 5th) I felt much better and went out again. I managed to go to a unique market some 70 km from Bangkok were a train actually runs through the market 6 times a day. Siebren had showed me a video of this on YouTube and I really wanted to see it for myself.

After seeing the train I met three wonderful people with whom I have travelled the rest of the day. We went to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and afterwards to Bangkok and visited Wat Pho (the lying Buddha) there.

The other days I kind of forgot to ask people to take pictures of me
Wat Pho, 15 meters high and 46 meters long

Now I am at Don Muang Airport waiting for my flight to Siem Reap (Cambodia) the next three days will be temples, temples, temples. Oh and a hostel with a rooftop pool. I’ll check in after that!



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