When I was composing the ticket for my trip I saw the opportunity to have a stopover in Sydney without any extra cost. I gave myself three days to explore the city and to break the trip from the Philippines to New Zealand.The flight from Manila left at 7 pm. The flight time is 8 hours but with the 3 hours time zone shift I arrived 6 am in the morning in Sydney.  Continue reading “Sydney”

Central highlands and Saigon

The next destination on my Vietnam list: Dalat, lies in the central highlands and was just one nightbus ride away from Hoi An. As always it is a bit unclear how long the journey is and what to expect from it. We (Kirstine and I, we travel together until our ways part when I go to the Philippines) aimed for the lower chairs but only managed to get upper spots which was still a lot better than the people getting in after us and having to sleep on the floor without anything as a mat.
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Central Vietnam

It was time to travel south after having spent a week in the dramatic and colder north. Time to go and chase the sun, hopefully. From Hanoi it was only a three hour bus ride to Ninh Binh and as with most buses you get a pick up at your hostel and if you’re lucky a drop off at your destination location. I was told that Ninh Binh was like Ha Long Bay but without the water. I got the good advice to stay in the nearby Tam Coc village. 

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The north of Vietnam

With a bit of an unusual route (Pai-Chiang Mai-Bangkok-Hanoi) I went from the north of Thailand to the north of Vietnam arriving on January 27th. Right in the middle of Tet holidays (Tết Nguyên Đán). Tet is the Vietnamese version of the lunar new year. And I came on the last day of the year of the monkey and on the next day, Tet, we are in the year of the rooster. Continue reading “The north of Vietnam”

Chiang Mai and Pai

While I’m already embarking on a new adventure in Vietnam I still have to finish writing on my last. I’ve spent almost two weeks in the north of Thailand. One week at the Elephant Nature Park project and the rest of the time I was in Chiang Mai and Pai. Chiang Mai is the second biggest city in Thailand and very different in comparison to Bangkok. I came in by plane, at the airport I met an American guy who helped arranging cheap transport to the centre.

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